• ARDAP Vermin Stick 100 ml 4019181774200 anmeldelser
  • ARDAP Vermin Stick  100 ml
  • ARDAP Vermin Stick  100 ml
  • ARDAP Vermin Stick  100 ml
Vermin Stick 100 ml  af ARDAP køb rimeligt og favoribelt med rabat
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ARDAP Vermin Stick 100 ml

  • Effectively combats all types of vermins
  • Environment friendly
  • Ready for use and easy to apply
  • 100 ml
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Vermin Stick 100 ml

Foam pad for point and area treatment with immediate and long-term action for up to 6 weeks,

The ARDAP STICK contains a systemic and contact insecticide for use against all types of flies, dipterans and other forms of vermin or pests, such as the various kinds of beetles, mites, ticks, fleas, cockroaches, moths, midges, silverfish, spiders, wood lice, ants, wasps, etc. in the immediate vicinity of the animal and around the house.

The stick is ideally suited for application to places where flies and pests so, such as window frames and areas, doors, animals enclosures, nesting boxes and other areas that pests like.

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  • Vermin Stick 100 ml

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