Beaphar Dog-A-Dent Toothgel 100 g

Dog-A-Dent Toothgel 100 g  af Beaphar køb rimeligt og favoribelt med rabat
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An aid to oral hygiene that is particularly useful for cats and dogs that don't like having their teeth brushed. The gel comes with a long-nozzle applicator that you use to apply a layer of the sticky gel to the teeth. Used 2 or 3 times per week, the gel contains special enzymes to fight plaque, along with other ingredients to keep help protect teeth.

How to use: Enclosed with the Tooth Gel tube is a nozzle. This fits onto the tube and makes the gel easy to apply to the teeth, helping to ensure your pet quickly gets used to this procedure being part of its normal routine. When using the gel for the first time, remove the foil covering the opening of the tube and attach the nozzle to the tube. Apply a thin line of Beaphar Tooth Gel across all of the teeth, working from back to front. Do not worry if you miss a spot, as your dog will circulate the gel over its teeth with its tongue.

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  • Dog-A-Dent Toothgel 100 g

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